The story behind Dashing Hounds.

(Article written by Sarah Crawford, The Man Has Style.)


Caz Little founded Dashing Hounds in 2012.  An inevitable step for her after years designing menswear for brands such as Lee Jeans and Elwood Denim Co.  She had experience working with Channel Nine and Network Ten in their wardrobe department however was still working other jobs to support her love of styling.  It was in 2012 after her return to Melbourne after a brief time in Sydney that found Caz wanting more than just design. She wanted to do what she was most passionate about, and do it as much as she could.  Waking at 3am one morning she decided she was going to do just that and live and work her passion, what she wanted to do from the beginning – be a stylist, and be a stylist for men.

This started her mind ticking, knowing this could be a reality.  She saw a font she loved, took a screen shot and woke a week later, again at 3am (fast becoming her hour of inspiration!) and thought “Dashing Hounds”.  Excited at the prospect she could feel it all coming together she went for a 4am walk, mind racing, the name had stuck.  That night at a dinner she was telling her friend Shane Loorham of her 3am inspiration, the font and Dashing Hounds.  Have it be one of those ‘talking to the right person at the right time’ moments, he went on to tell her about the font (he is a graphic designer – and how it was designed to look like cobblestones that were walked on – something which resonated even further with the ideas she had for quality men’s styling.  They collaborated together and he worked on the Dashing Hounds branding, with Caz really wanting a dog as the logo, a dapper looking dog at that!  That’s when the ball really starting rolling.  Shane put together a website and Caz anchored herself with some social media and the perfect phrase for Dashing Hounds, “Every lady loves a gentleman”.