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Dashing to New York!


It’s been over 12 months ago that Caz started on her dream to expand Dashing Hounds across to New York city.

In 2014, Caz lived in Brooklyn for 3 months and spent most of that time hustling, door knocking, networking and attending trade-shows. Caz discovered new brands, watching the world cup soccer with editors, met up with designers and drank plenty of bottomless coffee to use their free WiFi.

Finally it has all come to fruition. Dashing Hounds is now ready to raise the bar and expand all the way to New York City. Caz knows it will require some hard work and patients but all good things take time.

Caz is a one-man band. To all existing Dashing Hounds clients in Melbourne, this is certainly not a goodbye but a huge thank you for your ongoing support. If you or a friend are traveling to the big apple for business or vacation after July 2015, Dashing Hounds will take you shopping. In just a few hours, your will not have only saved some precious travel time and money but your new wardrobe will having you looking the goods for when you return home.

See you in New York!

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